You’re at your highest weight ever and it seems like no matter how hard you try, you can’t get rid of it.

And since you hit menopause, it’s just gotten tougher. 

You know that diets don't work but what other option is there? You feel kinda stuck.

You’re feeling scared for your health. You don’t know what to eat anymore or who to believe and you’re overwhelmed by all the mixed messages out there.

You can’t control your food cravings and you feel like once you start eating you won't know how to stop. It's like you have a bottomless pit.

You just want to eat normally and feel normal.

Imagine with me for a minute...

What would life be like if you didn't have to think about food all of the time?

You're able to eat that piece of chocolate cake without the guilt and stop when you’re satisfied.

Eating with others becomes a pleasurable experience because you trust yourself to enjoy eating what you want.

You're able to enjoy that special dinner without feeling like you blew it and have to start fresh tomorrow to get back on track

You're able to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full.

You’re finally able to explore what matters most to you because now your brain isn't taken over by diet thoughts.

What would this be like for you?

This is what you will learn with Peace with Food and Body through Intuitive Eating Program

Hi, I'm Sara

A Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist and Certified Intuitive Eating Counsellor helping women in midlife struggling with chronic dieting and weight cycling. 
Hi, I'm Sara

Over my 20+ years as a nutritionist, I have found that many of my clients feel stuck.  

They want so badly to eat "well" and achieve that "healthy" weight - but no matter how hard they try they can't seem to be able to get there.  

In fact, with each attempt, it becomes harder and harder.   

I remember one client saying to me “I don’t know what else I can cut out!"

Intuitive Eating recognizes that you have the inner wisdom to decide when you're hungry and when to stop eating because you've had enough.  

This approach helps you learn to eat in ways that are satisfying and that nourish your body.

It's a compassionate self-care approach. This means that you have the right to enjoy food and take care of your self-care needs.

Intuitive Eating recognizes that your body shape and size is as unique as your thumb print and should be respected and honoured.

The Intuitive Eating approach is also evidenced-based - there's solid research to back it up.  

Start healing your relationship with food NOW

I’m here to support you so you won’t feel lost and confused anymore when it comes to food and eating.

In Peace with Food & Body through Intuitive Eating Program you’ll discover….

  • That not only do diets not work, they are harmful
  • That weight gain experienced during midlife - specifically menopause - is actually protective for things like heart disease and osteoporosis.
  • That you can learn to tune into AND trust your hunger signals
  • That it is possible to go through an entire day without feeling controlled by cravings and constant thoughts about food.
  • How to dismantle your food rules and navigate comments and rules from others
  • That you’re actually capable of  sitting down to a meal and stopping when you’re full.  You might even leave some food on your plate because you've had enough!
  • You will learn to find other ways to cope with stress without turning to food.
  • You will start to enjoy moving your body for enjoyment
  • How to eat in ways that are nourishing and honour your body - and your taste buds
  • How to be kind and patient with yourself as you embark on a process that takes time but is worth the journey.

What you'll find inside Peace with Food & Body Intuitive Eating Program

  • Video Lessons

    Weekly LIVE Video classes where I will guide and teach you

  • Personalized Support

    Email support with bi-weekly video Q & A where all of your questions will be answered!

  • Group Support

    A private Facebook community with other women who understand

  • Action Steps

    Worksheets and self-rated assessment questionnaires so that you can have concrete learning goals, see your progress and stay motivated!

  • A clear Step-by-Step Process

    Access to your own personal learning portal which will have all of the videos, worksheets, workbooks and other resources

  • A safe & non-judgemental space

    So that you feel understood, supported and not alone.

Peace with Food & Body through Intuitive Eating Program is:

A 5-month online program for women in midlife who want to have a healthy relationship with food, eating & their body

Peace with Food & Body through Intuitive Eating Program is based on The Intuitive Eating approach by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. 


How to reject diets and diet mentality

How to challenge those judgemental rules & thoughts

What’s going on with your body in Menopause

To give yourself permission to have all foods

To make peace with food and rediscover  enjoyment in eating

How to manage food cravings and emotional eating

How to move towards Body Acceptance

What to eat to nourish your body & enjoy movement


Your hunger & fullness cues without guilt

Trusting yourself with the pleasure of eating 

Eating mindfully and tuning into the sensations of eating 

Self-compassion & Body Kindness

Weekly Breakdown

Week 1  Welcome Module - Expectations & Goals, Learn about process learning, Assess your intuitive eating skills

Week 2  Introduction Module - What is Intuitive Eating?, What kind of eater are you? Moving through the stages of Intuitive Eating

Weeks 3-5  Reject the Diet Mentality -  Healthy weight demystified, Weight is not a predictor of health, Why diets are harmful & don't work, What do we mean by Natural weight, What is diet mentality?

Week 6  Menopause & Metabolism - How do I know when I'm in menopause? What the heck is going on in my body?  Menopause & weight gain, Introduction to HAES (Health at Every Size)

Week 7  Honour Your Hunger - The importance of Self-Care, Mechanisms that trigger appetite and eating, What are typical hunger signals? What is interoceptor awareness?

Week 8  Make Peace with Food - How to give yourself unconditional permission to eat, What is habituation response? How to know whether you're ready to make peace with food

Weeks 9 & 10  Challenge the Food Police!  - taking the morality out of food, Food & Body myths, Understanding & dismantling cognitive distortions

Week 11 Discover the Satisfaction Factor - Why is satisfaction so important? Mindful Eating Exercise

Week 12  Feel Your Fullness - Barriers to fullness, Distracted eating, 

Weeks 13&14  Cope with your emotions with kindness - the emotional eating continuum, Self-care revisited, Learn to cope with your emotions

Weeks 15 &16  Respect your body - Accept your body's genetic blueprint, Reframing distorted thoughts, How to navigate negative body talk, Diet talk and fat shaming

Week 17  Movement Feel the Difference - Health Benefits to exercise, Mindful Movement, Physical activity guidelines, Potential barriers to exercise

Week 18  Honour Your Health with Gentle Nutrition - What is Body-Food Choice Congruance? How to make food choices that honour your health and are satisfying

Weeks 19 & 20  Putting it Altogether - Authentic Health, How to make change, What's next?

Ready to have peace with food & Body?

The program starts June 16 @ 7pm and runs until November 24, 2021 (no classes July 21, 28, Aug 5 & Nov 17)